Monday, November 26, 2012

Obama administration pushes ahead with drone killings

The Not so Subtle Militarization of Canada

With the exception of Israel and probably Canada, every other nation considers the use of unmanned drones to be illegal. Who cares about their legality?  Their use is fundamentally immoral because they kill people - 2500 so far of which we are aware. It surprises me - but only a bit - that this repulsive policy, which turns so many of us against Obama,  wasn't a separate, emphasized item in Michael Moore’s letter of last week to the president, though he does articulate it in his item about ending all U.S. wars. (See my post of Moore’s letter elsewhere on my blog here.) 

Canada is also considering the use of drones for military purposes, though whom it wishes to attack we have no idea. The Regime and its military wing claim that they want the drones for Arctic "surveillance." If so, why does the procurement request specify "to be able to carry precision-guided munitions." That sounds clearly like a request for assault capabilities. Don't be surprised that  if the request is fulfilled, the proliferation of small Canadian military bases around the globe is connected. 

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