Monday, November 26, 2012

Mark Carney's 'shock' appointment means more of the same neoliberal policies for UK

One should remember that Carney sits firmly inside the neoliberal bubble and that he was bred by a #banksters’ culture at the Vampire Squid’s emporium. Support for the continuing financialization of the economy and a lack of support for the real productive economy will continue. The worry for Canadians should not be his departure since we weren't necessarily in good hands.  It should be what potentially disturbing appointment will now be made to this sensitive post by the #HarperRegime, who are of course the high priests of #neoliberalism in our country mediating between us and the economy.  There’s no way we will get someone from outside the #banksters’ club. That much  is certain.


  1. Why did the CAW invite him to do their key note speech?

    1. My guess - and that's all it is - a recognition of power within the system with which the CAW has to work and the fact that Carney looks, as one commentator said today with rather faint praise, "half-decent." The CAW is unable to work outside the neoliberal bubble even if it wanted to do so. After all, they are employed in a manufacturing industry that is dependent on the neoliberal policy of North American "economic integration" of the automotive sector - the "free" flow of capital, goods, and services. He's still a classic neoliberal - which is pretty well what you're going to get for a central banker around the entire globe - and as long as we have neoliberals controlling both the monetary system and privileging the financial sector, we will not have transformational change. But there is clearly a trend across the globe suggesting that the growth, market-driven model is failing and that neoliberalism is in the process of imploding. Of necessity there will be change, but not because the elites will be willing to relinquish any wealth or power.