Friday, June 15, 2012

Council of Canadians calls Conservative robocalls motion defamatory and abusive

Council of Canadians calls Conservative robocalls motion defamatory and abusive

A "wanton and officious intermeddler." Add this to "professional agitator" and "virulent critic." Sounds like t-shirts, bumper stickers, and badges to me.

"Champerty and maintenance" - invoking such an obscure law surely suggests desperation. If you're going to go medieval, why not a duel by swords in costume at dawn on Parliament Hill? Choose your champions.

The deeper story here may be in the extreme remarks in the on-line  "Comments" section: there are some pretty scary Canadians out there.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

PIPSC, Fat Cats, and Disturbing Dreams

I had the pleasure of attending the PIPSC Fat Cats game on Sunday - an exciting affair that the FCs won in the ninth with a sensational walk off steal at home plate by LaDale Hayes, who also made an extraordinary diving catch earlier in the game. Though American, he also represented the team in the before game ceremonies - which turned out to be fortuitous since he was clearly the player of the game. Still one wonders why one of the Canadian players was not a representative. Maybe Harper sent out a chill message or perhaps the Canadians thought they were being "neutral."

At any rate, I suspect the FCs gained a few more fans from the friends and family of those in attendance, which was substantial. And who knew Gary Corbett was such a rocker?

The mood at the PIPSC-Fat Cats game was festive, but beneath it was a depressive mumbling. This is my reading of that underlying mood, what I personally extrapolated from chit chats with several people, who may or may not have been members of PIPSC - I never asked. And so my comments in no way reflect PIPSC’s or any one member of PIPSC's position on these issues.

1) Managers have not suffered. Indeed, many have received or will receive bonuses for finding “efficiencies” - an extraordinarily perverse neoliberal incentive practice driven by greed.

2)Tony Clement in fact dreams of "efficiencies" at night when he's not counting gazebos - or electric sheep.

3) The PS has been increasingly politicized to the point where it is almost no longer even a nominal neutral non-partisan space but a mere extension of the ruling Regime, though the PS out of necessity has always had to bend to some degree to the party in power - never to this extent.

4) Harper has governed as a “dictator” in spirit if not in fact; and such an authoritarian rule has profoundly undermined the services and programs run by the PS, parliamentary democracy, and fundamental democracy. The current gutting of the PS coupled with the effects of the omnibus bill will only exacerbate this excruciating situation.

5) The Regime is looking for new young hires - at a reduced wage scale of course - the main requirement being a willingness to be moulded by the Regime’s ideology and thus a contributor to the neoliberal agenda.

6) Several PSs are resigning before getting axed simply because they can no longer tolerate working under the oppressive yoke of the Regime.

7) Unless progressive forces across Canada find a way to fuse their political strengths Canada will be lost. By the time the next election rolls around it will be too late since so many policies and laws will be so firmly established they may be impossible to remove - a scenario I’ve argued myself many times. Progressives have to step outside their respective bubbles and reach out to each other and, most of all, to the mainstream, as vague and challenging as that might be. They must abandon their comfortable, secure cocoons and enter the messy space of public discourse somehow.

Over 120 Lawyers Ask for Proposed Environmental Changes to be Removed from Bill C-38

You would think that such a significant resistance from the law community might have an effect on the Regime's thinking, but don't count on it. The goal is the full implementation of a neoliberal agenda in the belief that it will be next to impossible to reverse - even were there to be a regime change - because so firmly entrenched.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Banksters will be on a Desperate Prowl for the Rest of 2012

As I've suggested many times, the current global economic conditions were to be expected. We are in a static, no growth economy forever, the maximum growth hovering around 2%. for the foreseeable future.  I could live with that, but market-driven neoliberals couldn't, and they are the ones who, alas, control economic policy in the world. Europe, the U.S., and China in particular are all suffering serious economic woes, and the Canadian economy  grew by only 1.9% in the first quarter - much less than all the neoliberal, market-driven Canadian economists predicted -  including the Governor of the Bank of Canada and the Finance Minister. That meagre growth was driven by business development, not by consumers, who have pulled back on consumption while sinking into debt by another $454. per capita - just about the limit of debt load, reasonable or otherwise, for the average Canadian relative to income. The banksters will thus be on a desperate prowl for profit. Be prepared.