Thursday, November 29, 2012

Caveat about Palestinian Negotiations a Cover

Why should a symbolic recognition of #Palestine as a state by the #UN General Assembly - a gesture that conveys no direct political power - prevent negotiations between Palestine and Israel from resuming? Claims by Israel, the U.S., and Canada that such a recognition will prevent negotiations from resuming is just a cover in effect to obviate any solution that does not leave Israel in control in some capacity or other. But there is also the fear that symbolic recognition as a state might lead eventually to full recognition as a nation state if enough states confirm statehood through bilateral recognition. Were that to develop, as Britain’s anxiety has made clear, the very real fear that Palestine would bring Israel’s unequivocal war crimes against humanity to the Hague  - as indeed Palestine should if given the opportunity - might emerge. But its not likely Palestine would pursue this option as long as it believes there is a real chance for some sort of two-state agreement.

This is an outcome hard to imagine, for, it would seem, there will never be a two-state solution no matter how much lip-service is paid to the concept. Israel remains in the eyes of the world an aggressor, occupier, and oppressor despite all those in Israel itself who wish it were not so.

On Israel's aggression and occupation:

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