Friday, November 23, 2012

A Call for Direct Action: Is it Worthy of Consideration?


Although there are facets of this perspective that are highly debatable, as many of the comments on Tumblr  reveal, this is an intriguing argument not without some merit because aspects of it are increasingly applicable to Canada as we continue to live under the repressive yoke of the #HarperRegime. Today’s revelation about the enabling of a completely undisguised neoliberal foreign aid policy designed to benefit corporation - the exploitative mining industry in particular - #banksters, and of course the investor class indexes the fundamental moral bankruptcy of our government. We saw harbingers of this shift under Smoking Lady. Now we see the big picture under Law and Order Man. This is an outrageous moral breach, a complete distortion of what foreign aid should be - namely, a fundamentally charitable endeavour -  and what makes it even more culpable, more dangerous, is that this is no political game. These people are unequivocally true believers fervently worshipping at the altar of #neoliberalism, spreading their gospel of “the market,” austerity, and free trade agreements that undermine our sovereignty and weaken the real productive economy in the interests of profit for the 1%. They serve more than Mammon. 

We will soon need serious civil disobedience if not some sort of non-violent revolution. I'm willing to give the Council of Canadians' initiative to bring progressive groups together to create an aggregated power base for progressives a chance,  but  some form of civil disobedience ought to remain on the table for debate in that effort. These are increasingly desperate times.

Foreign Aid Shifts Radically To Benefit Investors

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