Friday, February 3, 2012

Overlapping Agendas and Neoliberal Markers

This is a brief addendum to my last post

Of course five other  obvious neoliberal markers that precede the four mentioned in that post are TFSAs, proposed PRPPs - both of which serve the financialization of the economy, a major global neoliberal project -  a series of corporate tax cuts,  the proposed (perhaps expansionary) austerity measures soon to be implemented, and, among trade initiatives,  CETA in particular. 

But we should also remember that neoliberalism is not restricted to the Harperites, for the Liberals were every bit as neoliberal in their policies but, unlike the Harperites, mitigated them with government supported social programs. And, to be sure,  the Harperities' neoliberal agenda clearly overlaps their conservative agenda, which involves incremental change to foreign policy, foreign aid, and military initiatives, for example, in addition to rewriting not so subtly selected social programs that serve both agendas  - for example, charities and support for women's groups.


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