Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Most Commentators and Economists Say Threshold Change for OAS is Unnecessary

Surveying recent media coverage including economists referenced or interviewed, one will discover that a substantial majority of commentators argue that the age threshold for OAS does not require changing to maintain sustainable funding for the program despite swelling seniors' ranks and a decreasing Canadian population.  Neither the argument  that seniors are living longer now nor the claim that the age threshold should be raised because other countries have done it is carrying much weight with economists or thoughtful journalists. Even Jack Mintz, frequently referenced by the Harper Regime itself, says it's unnecessary. It's clear, then, that it's not good fiscal management that's driving this agenda item, but, as I've argued,  good old neoliberalism. 

Four recent markers we have witnessed along the road to Canada's incremental destruction: 1) proposed changes to streamline environmental assessment on pipelines and other projects, 2) changing immigration policy to favour those who can contribute more directly to the neoliberal project, 3) abandoning a leadership roll in Health Care, and now 4) re-engineering our pensions. What next? 

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