Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gateway is Certainly in Sinopec's Interests. It is in No way in Canada's National Interests

Defenceless: Selling Our Sovereignty 

Glavin's been writing a series of articles on our retreat from even gesturing in the direction of national security interests in our trade and foreign investment dealings. We are sacrificing both our natural resources and sovereign power in the interests of what is clearly a neoliberal agenda: trade and short term profits at all costs even if it means handing the reins to China in the case of the tarsands and the Gateway pipeline.  

And to think OGL(Our Glorious Leader, one of John Doyle's terms for President Harper) is on his way there right now even as I write with the expressed purpose of selling us out completely while the rest us are forced to sit idly by while Canada burns. I suspect we're going to have to become much more radical during the next three years. It really is getting to the unbearable point.

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