Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ron Liepert, Alberta's Energy Minister, calls Opponents of Keystone XL Liars

Alberta Energy Minister Ron Liepert says that those of us who object to the building of the #KeystoneXL are lying. A pretty strong accusation for a government minister no doubt borne of frustration since we're winning, and their combined 28 companies, industry associations, and unions are losing despite a concerted effort.

Here are some truths, Mr. Liepert, that you probably cannot - or are unwilling to - get your head around:

It's not about national security. It's not about jobs. It's not about the economy. It's not even about the pipeline. It's about perpetuating our dependence on oil, thereby increasing CO2 emissions - through both production and subsequent use - and, as a result, sabotaging if not  foreclosing on urgent widespread concentrated development of alternate forms of sustainable green energy. I can't say it anymore clearly or succinctly. The Canadian Embassy in Washington apparently gets this, but you must have missed the memo.

And the consequences if the XL is built? Potentially irreversible damage to the planet because you, Mr.  Liepert - addicted as your province is to both oil and gas as economic engines - want to help oil corporations exploit the #tarsands to expand your government coffers.  In short, any arguments you make begin on the wrong page and maybe even in the wrong book because our premise is simply one you can't possibly accept.

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