Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Progressive Party of Ontario is Fundamentally Unrepresentative of Ontarians

Just about all of the pco seats won in the recent election are in rural ON, and all of those elected seem to be white. How representative of the people of Ontario are the Hudakians when they clearly lack ethnic diversity and are so deeply concentrated in rural Ontario? And, add to these two glaring weaknesses, those rural ridings constitute only 25% of the average Canadian population but disproportionately have as much political power as an uban riding with three times the population. Ethnic diversity, rural concentration, disproportinate riding power: three fundamental ways in which the Hudakians are starkly unrepresentative and a clear reminder that we need to change both our riding structure and our voting sytem if we want really broad democratic representation. See my remarks on Proportional Representation elsewhere on the blog

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