Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We Do Have a Moral Licence to Resist the Dictates of Harper Regime

McQuaig: Occupy moves us into a new era - thestar.com

Linda McQuaig says "Canada isn’t a dictatorship, and so protesters — like the group now ordered evicted from St. James Park — don’t have the same clear moral licence to ignore bylaws that their Egyptian counterparts had." I'm not so sure, Linda, given all the autocratic, authoritarian, centralizing policies, protocols, and legislation perpetrated by the Harper Regime since their first ascendance to power. It seems to me, to countless activisits, and to many even in the mainstream media that we have all the makings of a dictatorship. And so I'm beginning to think we do have the moral licence to resist the unjust and democracy destroying initiatives of the Harperland bunch, be they nominally legal or not - a growing conviction that many others also share. Couple our growing awareness of the malfeasance of the Harper Regime with the ever widening conversation the occupy movement has begun, and we're on our way to some sort of revolution. Something is slouching towards Ottawa.

Note: In the meantime, we also have a right to do a Pat Martin whenever we see an outrageous breach of democracy inflicted on us by, as Joe Thomas calls them, Harper and his Stepford wives.

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  1. Where is the tipping point!? As Einstein said:

    "Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either."

    The guy is in contempt. In the private sector he would be in jail. This is beyond wrong. Rise up!!!