Monday, November 7, 2011

Pathological Commitment to the Ideology of Austerity Brings Only Economic Stagnation

The curse of austerity -

This is a very insightful analysis of our current situation. Here's a bit of a gloss on it:

Neither the private sector nor consummer spending seems to be able to stimulate growth in the economy. This is the real issue. Only public spending can do that, but a pathological commitment to the ideology of austerity on the part of so many Western countries - bred by the tenacity of neo-classical economic theory and neo-liberalism politics - has created nothing but economic stagnation. We are beginning to see the real results in Canada now even without the full launch of cuts next year. Imagine that disastrous scenario.

This is not a simple economic or fiscal issue. It's a political issue - a question of the political brain trust actually understanding the real crisis. If they don't, we can certainly look forward to a lot more social and political unrest as they continue their misdirected austerity programs - implemented of course really to please the investor class - for it is real people who suffer, as always, from the pathologically inflicted leadership of the Western world. In Canada, we can only hope Harper pays a price for his blindness.

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