Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lame Letter from CBC on Debates

Below is the email I and probably everyone who lodged a protest about  Elizabeth May's exclusion from the debates received from the CBC .  It's classic alibiing, pass-the-buck, lame excuse stuff. So much for the people's television network. Not an ounce of courage, just PR spin about how the decision was made as if that were a satisfactory answer.
Thank you for your e-mail addressed to Jennifer McGuire, General Manager and Editor in Chief of CBC News, concerning representation of the Green Party in the upcoming leaders’ debates. Ms. McGuire asked me to reply.

I want to emphasize that the decision about which parties will be included was made by the Broadcast Consortium, a group of Canada’s largest English and French television networks – including CTV, Global, TVA and CBC/Radio Canada. It is the Consortium that organizes leaders’ debates during federal elections. While CBC/Radio Canada is a full participant, the decisions reached by the Consortium are unanimous.

This year, the Consortium has invited the leaders of four major parties to participate in the debates. That decision was made on editorial grounds, including, among other things, representation in the House of Commons. I might point out that the broadcasters are not alone in making that decision. Party leaders’ debates programs are staged in full agreement with the political parties.

From CBC/Radio Canada’s point of view, the Green Party is playing an increasingly significant role in the election and we fully expect that the party and its leader will receive the fair and equitable treatment it merits in our election coverage.

Thank you again for writing.


G. Fortescue

CBC Audience Relations

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