Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Iggy's Rebuke of Harper on Trust

You don't have to be Liberal to appreciate this remark:  it's dead on.  Indeed, it confirms what the director and I suspected during the audition experience with Hair-in-the-Fridge, which was seriously frozen last night,eh? (I can't wait for John Doyle to get back to TO.)  I found the debate appalling:  scripted, canned, vetted, safe  questions -- big media at work again; uninspiring and totally lacking in genuine passion; disturbing in its absence of what should be discussed; entrenching in its to be expected partisan spinning; and an absurd format.   There should be a live audience with real people.  And I wonder how the editorial decisions were made to choose these new TV stars.  The question itself, visual presence, gender?  Who knows since there does not appear to be an intelligible rationale.

No one will change his or her mind after that spectacle unless he or she is out to lunch.  Unfortunately, many are still out, wandering around like zombies,  who may never come back.  We have to find them and bring them back.

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