Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Harper Regime Has Lost All Credibility on Foreign Affairs Period, Not Just the Middle East

"...Israel’s announcement on the settlements was widely criticized by Canada’s European allies, and even the United States, which voted with Canada and Israel against the motion to grant non-voting observer state status to the Palestinians, urged Israel to “reconsider” its decision on the settlements on Monday. Baird did not comment when asked Tuesday morning about the move. Roth also said Fantino would review Canada’s funding to the Palestinians for humanitarian and security projects. “We intend to, by and large, see these projects through. The relevant minister will, as a matter of course, as they do on all matters, review the path forward once the projects have been successfully completed,” the spokesman said in an email to media outlets Tuesday. Canada’s five-year, $300-million commitment formally expires at the end of the current fiscal year, in March. The money goes toward strengthening the Palestinian justice system, private sector economic development and health and education assistance." Canada considers next steps after Palestinian vote

No one expected a balanced perspective from the Harper Regime - essentially a group of high school boys with a pathological streak playing  games with peoples’ real lives. The veiled threat of future reprisals is still there in the subtext as the Harper Regime works actively and ideologically against peace in the Middle East. The Regime lacks credibility on foreign Affairs period. Actually, the Regime lacks credibility on everything. What can I say. It’s appalling, and it shames me as a Canadian.

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  1. Stephen Harper is Benny Netanyahu's Bum Boy, plain and simple. Harper bends Canada over to Bibi's demands and, in exchange, gets a big Rapture reacharound.