Sunday, October 28, 2012

The citizen as consumer, as a mere "marketing target."

Under a neoliberal regime such as ours, anything - including your very soul - can be commodified. (Ask those members of the evangelical church to which OGL apparently belongs.) The very concept of consumer assumes a market. Yet we've naturalized the concept so unconsciously no one questions the term and the ideology on which it sits. This is where the Canadian mainstream media has failed us the most.  I'm trying hard to remember any occasion when a mainstream Canadian journalist has used the term "neoliberal." Coyne, Gardner, Ibbitson, Simpson and the rest of the so-called centre and centre right guys, for example, actually admire economists like Don Drummond, a former bankster, who is a classic neoliberal if there ever was one. Until the mainstream press steps outside the neoliberal bubble, awareness of the real source of our our woe remains moot.

"Human beings can be considered subject to commodification in contexts such as genetic engineering, social engineering, cloning, eugenics, social Darwinism, Fascism, mass marketing and employment. An extreme case of commodification is slavery, where human beings themselves become a commodity to be sold and bought."- Wikipedia

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