Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Harper Regime is Playing Dangerous Game

By unleashing strident propagandistic messages aimed nominally at environmentalists but really anyone opposed to or even questioning of the Gateway pipeline, the Harper Regime is playing a dangerous game in attempting to limit legitimate discussion on the Gateway pipeline. This is, as David Eaves argues, given all the complex issues involved, exactly the moment to begin a full and transparent arms-length approval process. Otherwise, I would add, any sort of intervention will potentially result in political blow-back from ordinary Canadians - who of course expect fairness in the assessment - that may turn out to be severely politically damaging, especially since the Regime is already skating on thin ice with so many other policies and practices, including - ordinary Canadians are beginning to realize - mismanagement of the economy through misguided spending and the loss of jobs in the general economy. Watch out once the full force of austerity measures kick in. 

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