Tuesday, September 20, 2011

J. E. Hoover Trailer

Probably Leo's best performance ever and perhaps Eastwood's best work too. DeCaprio is the best actor of his generation and is only going to get better as he ages. He, like Daniel Day Lewis and Johnny Depp, has extraordinary screen presence, but, unlike these two, DeCaprio's will become even more powerful, I predict, with age. (Who watched Bogey in his 30s? We adored him in his 40s and 50s.) ) Lewis is second to Leo in intensity, and Depp is second in range. Pitt, Clooney, Norton, and all the Ryans, etc. are all second tier compared to these three. So sayeth a former film producer.


  1. An Addendum to yesterday's post: Of course Colin Firth is right up there with the top three in screen presence. Firth is slightly older and has a good but less wide-ranging range of character than either Depp or Leo.

  2. Yes, Liam, trailers are notoriously misleading, but this is not just another Leo DiCaprio movie about a wacky law enforcement officer. Hoover's regime over several decades reveals an astounding political history of the U.S., a history with serious reverberations in the dysfunctional political world of the U.S. today. I'm interested in Leo's performance and Eastwood's direction, but the subject matter intrigues me immensely.